Paper Minis: Halflings Released!

June 18th, 2013 | Tabletop | 0 Comments


At long last, another set in the Battle! Studio Paper Miniatures line: Halfling Adventurers! As usual, this set contains 20 character designs, each provided with two color schemes as well as the blank line-art for customization purposes; download your copy at or!

Paper Minis: Half-Orcs Released, and Introducing “Battlebird” Minis by Emily Bongiorno!

January 22nd, 2013 | Tabletop | 0 Comments

Two new sets of paper miniatures have been released: Battle! Studio Paper Miniatures: Half Orc Adventurers, and a set by paper mini newcomer Emily Bongiorno: Battlebird Paper Miniatures: Fey! Not only do you get more adventurers to work with, but this also marks Battle! Studio’s first published set of monster miniatures – get them before the internet ink dries on the digital pages – at both and!

Battle! Studio Paper Minis Used in Homebrew “Dungeon!” Enhancement

December 3rd, 2012 | Tabletop | 0 Comments

Paper miniature & tabletop gaming papercraft enthusiast Sirrob01 has used Battle! Studio Paper Miniatures in a rather creative way – as replacements for the player tokens in Wizards of the Coast’s re-release of the 1974 game “Dungeon!”

Sirrobo1 modified the box to better hold the contents of the game after initial unwrapping, and modified select Battle! Studio Paper Miniatures to act as players in the game. The minis were recolored according to Dungeon!’s class color coding, and parts of the miniatures were swapped out (such as weapons being added or changed in order to better suit certain character classes).

This use of the paper miniatures is a rather clever one! If you have any stories to share about your own uses of Battle! Studio Paper Miniatures, feel free to share with us!