What is Battle! Studio?

Well, to put it simply, we’re a few fellows who pool our talents to make games and game-related paraphernalia.

The beginnings of our group started in the summer of 2008, with the Eegra.com First Annual Game Makin’ Shindig. Tyler Bryant, a longtime friend of mine (me being Tim Jenkins, the one who supposedly runs this operation), approached me with the idea of collaborating on a game to enter into the competition. After a brainstorming session, we came up with the idea that would eventually become Spectrum Spelunker: Shoot Blocks to Win the Game, Also Jump and Run: Starring Hue. Tyler designed the main character and made the character sprites, while I worked dutifully away refining the game’s design and scripting the game’s engine.

Of course, if you wanted to make a memorable game, you need more than tight controls and a lovable main character – you needed some catchy beats. To this end, I recruited another mutual friend, Jarad Moloney, the founder of one-man records group Nonplayable Records. Within the small time frame of the contest, he cranked out an entire soundtrack for us.

The game placed second in the contest, earning us all a cool 500 bucks. It was clear we had something going here – maybe not so clear to us, but definitely clear to Michael Buckley, another friend of ours and a much better programmer than I. He put forth the idea that by combining all our unique talents, we could make some really interesting works together.

And that’s where we are today. We took the moniker of “Battle! Studio”, mostly because none of us could think of anything else that was catchier.