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Battle! Studio Paper Minis Announced! And Released!

May 28th, 2011 | Tabletop | 0 Comments

Announcing a new line of paper gaming miniatures! These printable PDFs can be used as an alternative to expensive metal and plastic miniatures.

Each paper mini comes in two different color variations, as well as a line-art only version, so that you can color them yourself if you so desire. Provided as a high quality 300dpi PDF and scaled at the 1 inch to 5 feet scale used by the world’s most popular fantasy role playing games, they are drawn with just enough detail that all the elements of their design are visible, even when printed and standing an inch high.

As a player, you can use them as you would a sculpted miniature, finding one that best represents your character and coloring it to match – or you could peruse the minis and find one you like, using it as inspiration for a new character. As a GM, you instantly have a large cast of visually unique NPCs that your players will recognize on sight – even if they don’t remember their names! For more fun, you can assign miniatures to your players randomly and have them build characters around whichever ones they end up with!

(Yes, we also make stuff for tabletop games! Or at least one of us does!)

You can find them up for sale on! Pick up your copy today! (Or whenever you get around to it.)