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December 30th, 2010 | Development, Games | 1 Comment

The first release build of Spectrum Spelunker is getting submitted by tomorrow, and it’s going to launch with the Mac App Store! Looks like we’re going to have one of the first cheap indie games available over the service.

It was quite an ordeal getting everything wrapped up in time – and a good portion of it overlapped with finals, so that was wonderful. Poor Buckley, our programmer, pretty much had to work overtime on this to get the game ready (whilst also having to comply with my often nebulous mandates regarding changes and additions), while I coordinated with three different artists to get the backgrounds updated on time. Luckily, it seems like it’s all coming together.

Once I get the final build, I’m going to make the trailer and official Spectrum Spelunker page, so those of you unfamiliar with the game can get a sneak preview!

Oh, Hello, Internet

December 8th, 2010 | Website | 0 Comments

Hello everyone! This is the woefully incomplete, hastily assembled web site of “Battle! Studio”, the hip indie game developers responsible for such titles as “Spectrum Spelunker: Shoot Blocks to Win the Game, Also Jump and Run: Starring Hue” and “Spectrum Spelunker: Shoot Blocks to Win the Game, Also Jump and Run: Starring Hue”. We don’t really have much to show at the mo’, but keep watching this space and something is bound to happen.